Joseph Melookaran - President

Joseph is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has over three decades of experience in management consulting and public accounting. He manages corporate affairs and general administration that include accounting, financial reporting, human resource, overseas operations and risk management. As the chief executive officer he leads the JMA IT organization. He has a clear business philosophy that fits with his larger vision for a life of excellence that has meaning, direction, purpose and fulfillment. He gives back to the world whenever possible. For example, he is a former White House appointee to a Presidential Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders between 2004 and 2007 and served as lead author on the Commission's report to the President. He has lead Economic and Cultural Leadership missions to countries like China, Turkey, UAE, Tunisia and Singapore. He has contributed to our community on all levels, local, state and national and inspires us all the time. He is an original around here and uses his diverse talents to steer the JMA IT ship forward every day.

Tidbit: "The soul of a corporation is derived from its leaders' daily behavior."


David Brown - COO/Executive Vice President

David focuses on corporate strategy business development. His leadership is a key ingredient in the organic growth of JMA IT which started in the mid-nineties with four employees and under $150,000 in annual revenue. Today, JMA IT has grown to more than 360 employees and over $35,000,000 in annual revenue. Prior to joining JMA IT, he worked in the IT consulting industry concentrating on technical recruitment, business development, strategic planning and corporate management. David's leadership style of maintaining calm during tough times and avoiding stagnation during good times along with his unique ability to recognize talent in people and where to apply it, has created a sustainable business model.

Tidbit: David is a true WYSIWYG! What you see is what you get and the employees of JMA IT count on his common sense and competitive nature to keep the company moving forward!


Mithra Amaran - Executive Vice President

Mithra leads the government market business development, account management and quality assurance efforts. She strives to find innovative ways to help clients deliver value to their customers. Under her leadership, government related revenue has increased 40% year over year. She is passionate about building a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and extreme commitment to customer happiness. She currently serves on the board of directors at the International Relations Council and previously served on the board of directors of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce and the Overland Park Friends of the Arboretum.

Tidbit: "Happiness, not profit is the ultimate goal. Employee happiness leads to customer happiness and financial profits follow naturally."


Raqib Huq - Vice President Integrated Solutions

Raqib is a key player in the continued growth of professional service offerings. A network engineer by trade, Raqib is an expert at breaking down complex IT solutions into simpler terms that enable key decision makers to realize tangible benefits from their solution partner. One of his primary responsibilities and key accomplishment is the deployment of numerous Verizon VoIP nodes both nationally and internationally. Raqib has obtained pre and post sales certifications with vendors such as Juniper, Cisco and ShoreTel that encompass a wide range of technologies such as routing, switching, security and unified communication solutions. He manages JMA IT's internal technology and easily relates to others with similar responsibilities. Raqib believes in cloud based IT solutions; he is leading the effort to move many JMA IT on premise tools to the cloud to support our future financial and business requirements.

Tidbit: "Take it to the cloud!"


Maria Will - Vice President Technology Solutions Division

Maria has over 25 years of experience with information technology and network solutions within the carrier and enterprise industries.  She joined JMA IT in 2008 and is responsible for driving the operational and strategic elements of JMA IT's field execution capabilities.  Prior to this position, Maria held management and sales positions at CA, Cerner and Raviant Networks.  Some of Maria's core strengths are understanding clients' business strategy and putting technology to work for them.  By leading a team of top performing colleagues from diverse backgrounds, Maria ensures insightful solutions for clients time and time again.

Tidbit: Maria believes in always keeping her work and life balanced. She lives this philosophy by working hard, but playing harder.